Fortunato (Fred) Mannarino has long been recognized as one of the finer practitioners of his art, acclaimed as a 'painter's painter'. Fred, a native New Yorker, graduated from the School of Art & Design, and subsequently studied at the School of Industrial Arts; the Art Student's League; NY University where he attended classes given by Stephano Cusomano; and, privately studied with Dick Ralph. Fred was just 16 when he won his first national art exhibition award, securing first place for his ceramic sculpture titled John the Baptist. A contemporary artist, often described as one of the few cubistic painters around, he's garnered numerous awards, credits and praise from professional art critics and art lovers alike. Serious art collectors around the country and abroad have acquired a great number of his works. At competitive showings Fred most always receives awards from the judging, frequently being honored with Best of Show. During a recent month-long visit to Italy and France, where he absorbed the sights and recharged his creative juices, gathering material and inspiration for future works, Fred was invited to exhibit at a gallery in Capri and at another in Paris.

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In the finest tradition of the true professional artist who loves his craft,  Fred has developed and mastered his own distinctly unique cubistic style, through which he continues to experiment and  evolve his art. By acute study of Mattise and other painters of Fauvism and the Blue Rider School, such as Dufy, Kadinsky, Van Dongen, Munters & Jawlensky, he has compiled a diverse and appealing palette: a blending of warm and cool bright primary colors and rich hues are transformed into a subtle prismatic rainbow. Fred's technique applies the science of cubism; an attempt at reducing natural forms to basic geometric shapes,  which often presents different aspects of objects in the same composition, e.g., side and front views alike. He works from realism,  often starting with a series of sketch drawings until satisfied with the overall composition. This is then slowly transformed into a painting through a crystallization of design,  form,  texture and color,  converting this to his own distinctly unique cubistic style.  Following in the historical tradition of a master artist, Fred is currently teaching basic painting and promoting the use of colors to his students.
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Mannarino's Virtual Art Studio


Computer software,  graphic adapters and display monitors have finally evolved to the point where the average personal computer can now portray the rich and subtle tones,  hue and shades of oil paintings in a true and undistorted representation of the artist's rendering.  Fred Mannarino has decided that this,  coupled with the widespread use of personal computers and the maturity and universality of the Internet,  offers him the opportunity to display some of his most recent works of fine-art  to a vastly wider audience than is otherwise possible through his many public showings at gallery  exhibitions and art shows  in  the Northeast Region, where his talent matured,  to the Southeast Region where Fred  now resides.  Further,  the remarkably superior Giclée print reproduction process,  many examples of which are currently on display at some of our finest national and international museums,  enables Fred to offer quality reproductions of a very Limited Edition  of his art to the general public at significantly reduced prices  than is otherwise commanded by the original oil paintings.

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Fred's  contractual obligations as a featured artist with several art galleries where a number of his oil paintings, special assemblages and/or sculptures are periodically on exhibition precludes those works on exhibit from being offered simultaneously on this site.  Anyone who's interested in viewing additional original works of art by Mannarino, and possibly meeting the artist in person, may want to consider attending any of the upcoming art shows or galleries where some of his works are scheduled to be on exhibit.

Visit the News  -  Events  page on this site for a current schedule of events and further details about scheduled shows.  Additionally, where available, "Hyper Links" are provided so that you can view the respective web site and obtain further information about listed events.  In lieu of a link being available for an event, you can always send Fred a memo to obtain further details from the Ask Fred page on this site, or use the e-mail option in the navigation menu on the right. 

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